Silicon Nitride


Silicon nitride (Si3N4) features an excellent combination of material properties such as low density and chemical resistance. The microstructure causes high fracture toughness and  makes silicon nitride resistant to mechanical impact. In addition, its low thermal expansion coefficient causes a very good thermal shock resistance.

Formatec, for nearly two decades a ceramic injection moulding  (CIM) specialist, noticed the market being ready for introduction of Silicon Nitride shaped by injection moulding.

Formatec did start an in-house research program for development of feedstock suitable for injection moulding of silicon nitride. After qualification by an independent institute (IKTS, Dresden), the first customers are already experiencing the benefits of this technology.

Beside the extraordinary technical properties Formatec wanted to position the material of aesthetical purposes as well. Within the same development cycle three version of the material were developed. The natural grey, the black and a gold / bronze version. These appealing material variants do get a warm classy appearance in high gloss variants.

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Moulded material properties;

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