Ceramic jewellery

Over the past years Formatec worked on differentCombinatie van technisch keramiek en edelmetalen jewellery projects. The majority of the requests are related to rings, but also bracelets and pendants are requested. Formatec realized products by using its unique CIM proces. Projects were managed from prototypes up to complete series with volumes greater then 10.000 pieces.

The typical zirconium properties as wear resistance and great biocompatibility apply and are in favor of the jewellery application.

In order to manage the increasing demands Formatec has come up with a efficient solution for the different ring diameters, which are requested within every collection. This in-house developed method in combination with the available polish technology resulted in very sharp price quality ratio.

The application of technical ceramic materials is not limited to just rings. The freedom of design that can be realized by ceramic injection moulding is successfully applied for pendants and bracelets.

Another possibility for shaping the product is to take advantage of the machine ability before sintering. Working on a CAD model combined with an advanced post-processor and a state of the art 5-ax CNC milling centre allows Formatec to realize complex shapes. This technology requires minimal initial investments and is therefore very attractive for small series. This method is fully developed and Formatec does apply this technology on commercial basis for the first time in the spring of 2012.

After watch cases, writing instruments, mobile phone solutions, it seems that the jewellery industry now embraces the technical ceramic material and its unique capabilities of ceramic injection moulding.

Please contact directly for any additional question, we are also glad to inform you about the available colors.

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