Technical ceramic specialist


Formatec can advise you on how best to realize your ideas and designs in ceramics. Our material and engineering experts are eager to get involved in the early development stages, this helps ensure that both the performance and manufacturability of your product are optimized. In addition, by getting us involved early in the process, we can make provisions that can help save time and money later in the project.

Formatec can support the redesign of your product in close cooperation with you. We can develop the required moulds, jigs and fixtures.

Formatec has 1.5 FTE researching new materials, bonding systems, colors and processes. In addition, we also work closely with international universities and knowledge institutes.

Tool manufacturing
Formatec produces moulds in-house, but when we have no available production capacity we use highly qualified tool makers located within the Brain Port area Eindhoven.

Formatec uses the full potential of Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM). This enables us to minimize, or even eliminate, expensive machining. The moulding technique is a process that provides excellent freedom in geometry as well as good cost-efficiency and reproducibility.

Formatec uses existing geometries  from which prototypes can be made by machining. This technique is suitable for prototyping or small series.
Formatec has a range of advanced high-precision machining tools. We can grind flat surfaces, as well as complex geometries with our 5-axis machine. Additional manufacturing capacity is on hand via a specialist grinding company located within the Brain Port area. Essential finishing processes are located in a cleanroom environment to ensure the highest of industry standards.

Surface finishing
Formatec offers several surface finishes. From a high-gloss up to a frosted look. For laser engraving or surface decorations we work with a specialized laser company.

Formatec Ceramics offers the service of assembly if the ceramic product requires assembly with other components – for example, we can also provide injection moulded plastic components or machined metal parts for these assemblies.

Quality is assured at Formatec by our highly trained team of quality-assurance staff. They have many years of industry experience and use advanced measuring devices to ensure that our products are always within the customer –specified tolerance.

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