Hightech ceramics

Hightech ceramics. Formatec Ceramics specializes in the development and manufacturing of technical ceramic products and components. With technical ceramics it is possible to produce highly wear-resistant, temperature-resistant, biological- and chemical-resistant products. Products which are used in (high-tech) industry as well as in exclusive consumer goods.

Industry and precision instruments

For example, Formatec Ceramics produces ceramic products used in pumps for the chemical industry, where there is a high demand on wear-, temperature- and chemical resistance. We also make components for medical devices with very small dimensions, here technical ceramics can perform as either an electrical and thermal insulator, or as a conductive material.

Design products

We also make exclusive design products such as watches, telephones, pens and jewelry – all these use ceramic parts made by Formatec Ceramics. That’s because grinding and polishing ceramic shapes results in ultra-smooth, high-gloss surfaces with deep-black, bright white or any other available color. Combined with the material’s extreme hardness, technical ceramics provides a durability that outlasts that of precious metals many times over.

Ceramic Injection moulding (CIM)

Formatec Ceramics has already spent many years researching innovative applications of technical ceramics and constantly improves the Ceramic Injection Moulding process. With injection moulding, products can be made that would simply not have been possible using machining techniques. This is one of the unique characteristics of technical ceramics.

International focus

Formatec is a rapidly growing international company in the Netherlands. Over 80% of our products are exported within Europe, Switzerland and beyond.

General Conditions

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