Ceramic applications


Thanks to the latest techniques, ceramics are increasingly on the radar of leading product designers. In the polished form, ceramic takes on a very exclusive look. It can be combined with precious metals, diamonds, rubies and other gemstones, to create the most exclusive an desirable products. Ceramic is the hardest material on earth after diamond, so it is highly scratch-resistant and durable, lasting for years and years. What’s more it does not cause any allergic reactions and is therefore particularly good to wear on the skin.

Medical and Dental

Technical ceramics are frequently used in the medical and dental world. That’s because it is completely chemically and biologically inert, and to date has showed no signs of rejection or allergic reactions in the human body. By injection moulding, products with complex details can be very accurately produced. This increases the number of applications in the medical and dental world substantially. In addition, the high temperature-resistance makes technical ceramics easy to sterilize, which is also advantageous in the medical world.


Some sensors, for example,  must work under the most extreme conditions such as corrosive environments with chemical liquids or vapors, sometimes in combination with high temperatures – of up to 600 °C – together with large temperature fluctuations. To protect them, Formatec Ceramics manufactures special components and housings, with our injection moulding techniques almost any geometry is possible.

Micro components

In December 2011, the Powder Injection Moulding International magazine published a special feature on our micro-ceramic products. Click here to read all about it.

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