Keramik schmuck

First Formatec introduced a range of zirconia colors for injection moulding. This range has been greatly accepted with brown as the most rapid growing color for aesthetical applications.

Ever since this introduction Formatec worked on the next step. Breaking down the limitation of just one color for an aesthetical ceramic component. Now this becomes reality by introducing 2 component injection moulding with Zirconia.

Formatec research
In order to overcome the challanges research on multiple disciplines was required; developing powders and the injection moulding process combined with research studies on the sintering process.

Technology highlights

– Full zirconia components

– Multiple colors available

– Applied on flat and curved surfaces

– Regular high density part >99,9%

– No diffusion between the colors

– Available in polished and non polished finishing

– Alternative to PVD / lacquer

By bringing this technology to the market Formatec aims for applications that are currently produced by using ceramic PVD or lacquer coatings. This technology will advance on wear and can be applied on complex curved surfaces.
More interesting are designs that are not feasible with the traditional techniques. Larger components fully 2K designed can offer stunning designs.

Formatec is taking development orders for this technology from spring of 2013 onwards.

A process impression is listed in the video below.